Our story

Our company started during Covid-19 period. We witnessed first hand how many of our friends and loved ones lost their jobs and struggled in their job search.

Everyday they would spend hours on hundreds of job applications only to get no response, no feedback nothing 😤 😢. This process never got easier no matter which stage of the career they were in.

On the other hand, we knew so many hiring managers that kept complaining that hiring wasn't working for them. They hated going through hundreds of job applications that didn't match what they were looking for.

We decided to tackle this problem.

We are a Singaporean based startup that was created during a program with Antler, a Global VC and Startup Incubator.

Our mission

Transforming the way the world hires.

We believe that there is a better way to approach hiring, and we want to empower managers with the tools they need to find and hire great quality candidates. For jobseekers this means that they will get feedback that they need to improve

Our team

Hello from 🇸🇬, 🇦🇺, 🇻🇳 and 🇨🇦!

We are a group of highly motivated individuals located globally from all around the world, working towards one common goal - for you.