5 Career Blogs You Can't Miss | Connect

5 Career Blogs You Can't Miss | Connect

Since we are just getting started with our material, but still want to make sure that you are covered with the information you need, here are some resources that we have used ourselves in the past! They are all free to read.

1. The Smart Local

Our team loves the content that this local company produces.  They've got a vast variety of topics beyond careers.

2. Indeed Lead

Covering interesting and unique topics such as Future of Work, Recruiting Strategies and Employee Experience to name a few.

3. Workit Blog

We like their series called "Your Weekly Career Round Up" where they cover topics such as Who's Hiring and Who's In Trouble.

4. Remote Blog

If you're interested about reading about remote opportunities or podcasts, check out some of their latest articles

5. Linkedin's Official Blog

Last but not least, Linkedin! I'm sure you have an account already and have been using it to find out more about everything.  Their blog is more of the same - a little bit of everything.

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