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Are you thinking of starting an entrepreneurial career in the ever-growing start-up world or joining an amazing start-up to grow yourself?

Everyone’s career has been adversely impacted in some way since COVID-19 hit the globe. It has been a hard time for talents to find the right path to their career whether they are working in start-ups or creating their own. Whether you are a graduate entering the workforce for the first time or a mature talent embarking on a new career beginning a new job in a start-up can be a daunting prospect.

At the beginning of 2021, we're giving the opportunity for three lucky winners to have a one-on-one virtual coffee chat with one of three founders. Founder’s Coffee is a monthly event bringing up-and-coming leaders from across Southeast Asia together to share the best practices in starting up and inspire talents on their career development. This is the perfect opportunity to network and gain valuable insight in all aspects of working at a start-up. By learning from their triumphs and failures, we can understand the nuances of each of their respective sectors.

Founders Coffee Event Recap

During December 2020, Over 50 graduate students and young professionals applied for the entrepreneurial mentoring virtual coffee chat. During the one-on-one chatting session, the three founders acted as an industry mentor and friend to give their own insights into the world of work and shared some advice on how to be a successful professional.

In this first session of our Founder’s Coffee, we invite three founders from different start-up backgrounds. The topics of discussion vary from what skills are appreciated to be an entrepreneur, inspiration for starting up, challenges faced at the beginning, to what skills and talents are needed, and career advice.

Athena Lee

Our first guest is Athena Lee, the CEO of Zumvet. She was previously the CEO of Doctor Anywhere, a Singapore based telemedicine service. In the mist of COVID-19-related lockdown restrictions, Athena pivoted ZumVet to help pet owners who were stuck at home but still required vet services for their pets. They provide easy access to affordable veterinary care through video calls and house calls. The team have a deep love for pets and they want to be able to provide the best possible care for them while value-adding to their owners.

Aleksander Abu Samra

Regarded as an "urban technologist", Aleksander Abu Samra, CPO of ArtWallSt, is a product manager and CTO with experiences on e-commerce and marketplace platforms, growth engineering, and blockchain solutions. ArtWallst is a platform that connects artists to everyday spaces like bistros, cafes, bars, retail and office spaces that want to display art. As a researcher in this project, he derives passion and inspiration from studies of urban forms, smart cities, and vibrant neighbourhoods. He aims to bring art to as many ‘everyday’ spaces as possible because he believes that volume visibility will create a compound effect of a discovery, demand, and love for art.

Jiawen Ngeow

Jiawen Ngeow, CEO of DayOne, has over a decade in the entrepreneurship start-up industry. Jiawen believes that life is a series of adventures and follows the philosophy of never being afraid to try even if you fail. Jiawen has co-founded two fashion retail businesses that she has exited. She also is an angel investor and trades cryptocurrencies on the side. DayOne aims to make running an offline business as easy as running an online one. With tools such as task managements, to-do lists, FAQ repositories - remote management and community between frontline staff and dispersed teams are made tighter and more efficient.

They are very passionate to create tremendous impacts in the society which are seen as inspiring and impressive to our winners in this event. Cai, one of the winners in the Founder’s Coffee, says: “The questions that we discussed in the session are surrounding start-up businesses. I gain a better understanding of ecosystem of start-up and what skills are appreciated to be an entrepreneur. It was an insightful session to hear from an entrepreneur to share her experiences.” He added, “ I like the scheduling structure where it is quite straightforward. I look forward to more opportunities like this.”

We hope this event can benefit our audiences by increasing their confidence and providing perspective, while also creating opportunities and building networks. Stay tuned and look forward to the next session of the Founder’s Coffee.

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