Impact of COVID-19 to the Hiring Processes in Singapore | Covid19 | Connect

Impact of COVID-19 to the Hiring Processes in Singapore | Covid19 | Connect

Note: this article was written in October 2020 and is part of the Covid-19 series

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a problem for Singapore’s economy, it also presents difficulties of hiring possible employees and looking for jobs that are hiring during such a time of economic struggle. A recent JobStreet survey (conducted in June 2020) with 5,285 Singapore-based respondents reveals that one in four Singaporeans have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

In response to the slow down of business bought by COVID-19, many companies in Singapore like Grab, Singapore Airlines, and many F&B and retail businesses had to retrench people or implement employee pay cuts in order to compensate for the losses incurred during this crisis. On the other hand, even companies as big as Google had to implement a hiring freeze on their end. Despite these trends, the economy is stabilizing and adjusting to Covid-19. Many job recruiters now believe that it is no longer needed for companies to implement a full-on hiring freeze.


Hiring Process Evolutions

In addition to the actual task of hiring new employees, companies have modified their hiring process to be more accessible online. These companies are continuing along with their interviews through the means of video conferencing. This way, they would still be able to conduct their business communications through online tools like Zoom, Google Meets, etc.

Even though modern methods such as telecommunications are providing a solution to one obstacle for businesses, it also brings about a problem - the rising intensity of competition for office jobs. With the advancement of technology, many people expect manual labour jobs to be the ones in danger of being replaced with said advancements (automation). 

However, office workers are now experiencing more competition too, but in a slightly different way compared to manual labour workers. In office occupations, the competition is not about the technological advances themselves, but the amount of people that have joined in through the utility of the internet. There are significantly more applicants for every open position. Despite these challenges, individuals are adapting and adjusting to the new ways.

As the Covid-19 cases in Singapore have been declining in the last months, we are seeing more and more business opening up and will be slowly going back to normal in the near future. Hiring will soon pick up and more job opportunities will become available for everyone.

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