Introducing Connect

Connect is building the future of hiring and changing the way jobseekers and employers find their next opportunity in Tech.

Introducing Connect

Our Story

Our company started during the Covid-19 period. We witnessed first hand how many of our friends and loved ones lost their jobs and struggled in their job search. They were frustrated with the current process which took hours and provided them with no feedback, no response nothing. On the other hand, our friends who were hiring also felt frustrated at the lengthy hiring process and they couldn't find the individuals that they were looking for. Often they would know in the first few exchanges, about whether or not this person would be a fit.

What we do

We provide a technology platform that can be used on your desktop and phone to connect with others that match what you are looking for. We then facilitate the introduction and allow you to chat directly. Our brand themes are simple, fun and human.

We currently have managers with roles across many different departments and have more joining each and every day.

Connect - Discover, Connect, Chat

Our mission

We aim to become the go-to-place for you to find your next hire or your next opportunity. We believe that all opportunities start with a single conversation and we want to make this as fast and easy as possible.

How it works

Step 1: Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for and let us do the rest.
Step 2: Every week, receive recommendations that match what you are looking for.
Start the conversation and unlock some new opportunities.

How do I get started?

Join the thousands of other jobseekers and employers who are already starting new conversations with each other everyday, sign up for free at

Are you currently hiring or looking for a new opportunity? Check out Connect a new platform for jobseekers and employers to discover new opportunities in Tech.

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