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Reduce your total time spent hiring by more than 50%

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You make the first move and can skip irrelevant profiles.

You: "I'd like to speak to {Role} with {Years} experience who are familiar with {Skills} and are based in {Location}"

Us: "Here are 7 individuals that match this criteria, who would you like to speak to?"

You: "Hello! {Name} nice to meet you, I'd like to talk to you about this exciting opportunity!"

Access a large pool of active quality individuals

Every week we have new individuals joining who are eager to chat about discovering their next opportunity

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Save time with only relevant quality candidates

Avoid the noise by only viewing and speaking to relevant candidates that you select

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Build your "qualified network".

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What is Connect?

Connect is a smart discovery platform that automatically recommends individuals that match who you are looking for. You can reach out and chat with just one click.

What are the benefits of using Connect?

1. Speed up your entire hiring process by more than 50%

2. Access a larger pool of active individuals who may not have originally applied to your role.

3. We will only surface relevant individuals that match your preferences and you can decide who you want to speak to.

How much does it cost me?

It is 100% free to set up your profile, receive recommendations and chat.

How long does it take to get started?

It takes less than 3 minutes to complete the entire setup, get started today!

What roles are available?

Currently we have active pool of individuals with the a wide variety of experiences and levels who are ready to chat.

I had a great chat with an individual, what do I do next?

We leave this part up to you. Most of the employers have typically set up some time to talk over the phone as well as sent their companies application forms to collect any relevant information.

I have some feedback and suggestions that I would like to share!

Great! We always are listening and would be excited to hear about them at